Appliance Shopping Tips and Tricks

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Looking for a new or replacement appliance can be difficult if you’re unsure of what kind to get. While many tend to shop by price, it’s important to look into the appliance’s energy consumption as well, as that will cost you money over the years it’s used. The higher the energy consumption, the more the appliance will cost per month. Even if you have cheap electricity rates in Houston, those kilowatt hours will add up over time. To help combat this potentially high operating cost, look into purchasing a certified Energy Star appliance.

Whether you get an energy star product or not, you can easily tell the appliance’s operating cost by viewing the Energy Guide label. All appliances are required by the federal government to have this Energy Guide label. The label is easy to spot; it’s bright yellow with black text. The label identifies the manufacturer, model number, and size, as well as an estimated yearly operating cost and energy use. If the appliance is certified by Energy Star, this label will display the Energy Star logo as well.

Energy Star certified products are roughly 20-30% more efficient than their uncertified counterparts. Appliances aren’t the only products to get Energy Star certification. Electronics, water heaters, and windows can also be certified, and will help you save a bundle on your Texas electricity. Your appliances can last about a decade, so it’s wise to pick one that will use as little electricity as possible.

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