Electricity Options for Houston

best electricity provider

Whether you live in Houston, Dallas, or any deregulated area the freedom of electric choice is available to residential and commercial customers. Since everyone has different energy needs, customers should be wise and choose the plan that is best for them. Below are some tips for choosing the best electricity provider:

Fixed rate or variable rate: Make a choice and choose a fixed or month to month (variable) rate. Fixed rates do not change during the length of your term and variable rates fluctuate up or down depending on the energy market. Fixed rates are a great security blanket knowing your rate won’t change for the length of the term you choose.

Customer Support: Make a list of what questions you might want to ask a customer service representative, and see what solutions they can provider you based on your electricity needs. Customer support representatives will be very crucial in your relationship with your energy provider so making sure that you are comfortable with them will help you in the long run.

Fees: Read helpful forms such as Terms of Service and Electricity facts label so you can be informed of the early termination fee and the deposit amount if required. You should also ask if there are any hidden or late fees for late bill payments.

Eco-friendly products: If you are looking for an eco-friendly plan, you should know how much of the product is actually renewable. Some companies will have a green product, but only have 12% of it actually renewable. A green product that is 100% renewable will be more because of the cleaner resources it comes from.

Save on your Houston electricity costs.