Power To Choose – Go Green, Go Clean

All over Texas, wind farms have been cropping up, providing clean, renewable energy for much of the state. Your Houston electricity company more than likely offers this type of energy for use in your home. You have the power to choose several different plans, and many of them use renewable energy like wind power. Under the plan description, in the Electricity Facts Label (EFL), it will tell you how much of your electricity was generated using renewable sources. By purchasing a plan with renewable energy, you are helping fund the renewable energy sector, creating green jobs, and making your voice heard for cleaner, more sustainable power.

            Green energy plans tend to cost a little more than typical plans, but the extra cost goes to cover the expenses incurred for the power generation, maintenance, and integration into the local grid. In some areas where renewable energy is not directly sent into the local grid, you can purchase green credits. Green credits essentially go toward paying for renewable electricity generation in another area, but you are still contributing to a greener world. Electricity is electricity regardless of how it is generated and there is no difference between coal fired electricity and wind generated electricity. But, green credits go toward funding the renewable energy sector while still supplying you with electricity from other sources.

            Some energy markets let you choose where your electricity is generated from. You essentially are buying shares of electricity from particular sources, covering the costs of generating the electricity from that particular source. Whether wind, water, solar, coal, or gas, you pay for the energy source you want to succeed. While most people look to find cheap electricity rates in Houston, those who spend a little more to contribute to a more sustainable energy market will make the future brighter for all of us.

            When shopping for renewable electricity, the retail electricity provider will display the percentage of renewable energy. For example, it might say 12% renewable or 100% renewable. The higher the percentage is the more renewable electricity it contains. You can contribute to Earth Day by signing up with a renewable electric plan that helps the environment. If are already going green in your home, then why not go green with your powering your home. If you are a business owner, you can even have a green electricity plan for your business. Do you part for the environment and help out mother nature.