Learn about the Terms of Service of a electricity plan

A Terms of Service (TOS) of document of an electricity plan is super important in addition to the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The Terms of Service document contains details about what happens if you terminate an agreement, what happens when an Agreement ends, etc. Though most Terms of Service documents are lengthy, we’ve covered a summary of what customers should know in a Terms of Service document:


Your Right to Cancel: By law, a customers have three (3) business days to cancel their electricity plan with the retail electricity provider. Customers can call the REP customer service phone number and do so.


Waive Deposit: Customers who are 65 years and over, or customers who are victims of domestic family violence may be entitled to have their deposit waived. Customers who are eligible should contact the retail electric provider.


Renewal: If a customer signed up for a 12 month term, at the end of the contract the Retail Electric Provider has thirty (30) days to alert the customer that their agreement is coming up for renewal. Once a contract has expired, the Retail Electricity Provider will automatically put the customer on a variable month-to-month plan.

Early Termination: The customer will be assessed an early termination fee and an early termination fee is applicable. This early termination fee does not apply to customers who are moving to a new address and can show proof to the REP that you are moving.

Pricing: The industry standard is that customers will receiving a monthly bill from the REP. Non-recurring fees may apply are may be fees such as late fees (for late payments), or meter tampering charges (if applicable). If a customer fails to pay their electricity bill and has a disconnection in service, then a Service Connection and Disconnect fee will apply.

Auto-Pay Fees: A customer who signs up for auto-pay and has insufficient funds might be assessed a fee, or a late fee for late auto-payments.

Bill Payment/Assistance: Some electricity providers has bill assistant programs for customers who have financial hardships and are unable to pay their bills temporarily. The customer can contact the REP for more information. Low Income customers can also apply to be eligible for the Lite-Up Texas program on the Public Utility Commission of Texas website for discounts on their bill during summer.

Electricity shopping can be easier when customers are knowledgeable about their electricity plans. Learn more about the electricity shopping process on our website for more details.

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