Kids and electricity

It is of significance to teach kids about the importance of electricity.  Electricity is an expensive power and kids should be taught to conserve and save it.  Shop Houston Electricity believes in giving its customer cheap and best electricity rates.  At the same time, it also knows the importance of teaching children about electricity, including the renewable energy source.  There are different sources of electricity.  These can be used to generate power, reduce power bills, conserve energy and save the environment.
Renewable energy is the wave of the future.  Children should be taught about this power.   Wind, solar and hydro power comes under renewable energy.  Now, home and businesses can be run using this power.  There are shopping malls that work using solar power.

Guiding kids about electricity usage can be extremely beneficial not only for households but also for the economy and environment.  Cost saving can be done when kids learn about conserving power; atmosphere will be more clean when they are taught about renewable energy source.

Teach children about electricity and its usage.  Let them explore and develop into better individuals, where they will contribute to the society by saving on power and using cost effective ways to use electricity.

Save energy

The best way to get minimal electricity bill and save energy is by opting simple yet effective methods.  These simple principles can make a huge difference in your business.    There are technological solutions that help conserve cheap energy.  One needs to make efficient use of light, heating and office equipment.  Shop Houston electricity is a company that emphasizes on all these aspects, apart from providing cheap electricity rates by reputable providers within and around Houston.
It is vital to think ahead and keep long term view in mind.  Look around at the work place and think of how the office can be made energy efficient.   Few aspects can be taken into consideration like lighting, heating, motor, office equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning.  All of these can be checked and replaced if need be.  These are the major source which might incur high electricity bill for the business.  It is always best to involve the employees in all these methods and in tracking of electricity usage.

Make the employees responsible and make them realise the importance of energy saving.  Hold on to your energy by using automatic doors and focussed lighting.  These are some of the ways by which energy consumption can be minimised.

Visit Shop Houston Electricity for all the power needs.  The company will assist not only with cheap rate electricity providers who are genuine and reliable, but, also give tips on different aspects of electricity saving and consumption.

Use different energy source

One should use different energy sources. It will be best if you use renewable source. The use of renewable energy source will be more economical and feasible. Shop Houston Electricity, is the place that gives cheap and best electricity. At the same time, it also encourages the customers to use natural power source. This source not only helps the environment and atmosphere, but also helps in reducing high electricity bills that is generated every month.
There are different natural sources, which can be used to generate electricity. There is wind power, solar power, ground pumps etc. All of these can be used to generate electricity for either residential or business use. Solar and wind power is available for free, can be used as much as one wants. There is a specific technique to create energy. For solar power, solar panels are available. This should be bought and kept at home, charged using the sun rays. Use it after it is charged and save on electricity bills.

The more use of natural power and resource, the more healthy for us. When there is an option to use natural power, one should make use of it. There are no second thoughts about it. Shop Houston electricity believes in using natural forms in generating power. Use electricity wisely and this will benefit one and all.

Wind energy itself produces 2,500 megawatts of energy. Using this form would be so beneficial. It is the natural form and there will not be any increase in the electricity bill. The installation for this kind of energy is expensive initially, but in the long run it proves to be very economical. Small wind turbines are used to power household.

One can use power from water as well. This generates powerful energy almost 77,000 megawatts of energy is generated. Water from rivers and waterfalls are used in this process. These are few of the natural resource through which one can generate electricity and reduce on the power bills and have a healthy atmosphere.

Home and business heating system

We spend huge amount of money in heating system for our home and business. This becomes more important during the winter season. Temperature might go down to minus degrees and can be freezing; heating system plays a very vital role in our lives. There are different methods of heating a home. The most economical source is the ground source heating system. Shop Houston Energy knows the importance of saving huge dollars when it comes to electricity. This is the reason we recommend this kind of heating system should be used in both residential and business sector.

Home and Business Heating SystemThis system is very eco-friendly. The initial cost might be high, when it comes to installation of the entire system. But, over the years it will minimize your electricity bills and you will reap the benefit of installing this system. Ground source heat pumps work amazingly well, because they use the earth’s natural resources to heat the water and your home. There are different kinds of ground source heat pumps available in the market. You need to choose the right one as per your usage. To name a few, they are called energy piles, open loop and closed loop systems.

These pumps or heating systems are easy to maintain, are eco-friendly. The main thing that one needs to ensure is that the debris should be cleared all the time and the surroundings should be very clean. These pumps come with warranty, which can be extended. This warranty will cover annual checkups, annual parts, labor, mechanical malfunctions and electric failure. What are you waiting for? Go and check our different pumps to keep your home well heated and warm in this winter season. Enjoy the warmth and luxury of paying less electricity bill from now onwards. Shop Houston Energy encourages its customers to opt for such options.
These heating systems seem to be the future of our homes and businesses. It not only saves hundreds of dollars when it comes to electricity bill, but also is a very good eco-friendly unit to use. It does not use any flammable liquid which makes it even safer to use than any other heating system.

Learn about the Terms of Service of a electricity plan

A Terms of Service (TOS) of document of an electricity plan is super important in addition to the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The Terms of Service document contains details about what happens if you terminate an agreement, what happens when an Agreement ends, etc. Though most Terms of Service documents are lengthy, we’ve covered a summary of what customers should know in a Terms of Service document:


Your Right to Cancel: By law, a customers have three (3) business days to cancel their electricity plan with the retail electricity provider. Customers can call the REP customer service phone number and do so.


Waive Deposit: Customers who are 65 years and over, or customers who are victims of domestic family violence may be entitled to have their deposit waived. Customers who are eligible should contact the retail electric provider.


Renewal: If a customer signed up for a 12 month term, at the end of the contract the Retail Electric Provider has thirty (30) days to alert the customer that their agreement is coming up for renewal. Once a contract has expired, the Retail Electricity Provider will automatically put the customer on a variable month-to-month plan.

Early Termination: The customer will be assessed an early termination fee and an early termination fee is applicable. This early termination fee does not apply to customers who are moving to a new address and can show proof to the REP that you are moving.

Pricing: The industry standard is that customers will receiving a monthly bill from the REP. Non-recurring fees may apply are may be fees such as late fees (for late payments), or meter tampering charges (if applicable). If a customer fails to pay their electricity bill and has a disconnection in service, then a Service Connection and Disconnect fee will apply.

Auto-Pay Fees: A customer who signs up for auto-pay and has insufficient funds might be assessed a fee, or a late fee for late auto-payments.

Bill Payment/Assistance: Some electricity providers has bill assistant programs for customers who have financial hardships and are unable to pay their bills temporarily. The customer can contact the REP for more information. Low Income customers can also apply to be eligible for the Lite-Up Texas program on the Public Utility Commission of Texas website for discounts on their bill during summer.

Electricity shopping can be easier when customers are knowledgeable about their electricity plans. Learn more about the electricity shopping process on our website for more details.

7 Home Energy Saving Recommendations


So you have a cheap electricity plan for your home, but you’re looking for ways to save even more energy and money. Just like choosing your energy company, you have the power to choose methods and products that will save you energy throughout your home. We all know the common ways to save energy like switching out old incandescent light bulbs for energy efficient CFLs or LEDs, or cleaning the filters on your HVAC system. Both of these are great, but why stop there?


  1. Low Flow Showerhead
    Installing a low-flow showerhead can save a lot of water and energy required to heat the water. The Evolve Roadrunner 2 has a built in temperature sensor so once the cold water is out of the line and the water temp reaches 95°F, it slows to a trickle. Step into the shower and pull the cord to resume the flow of water. The showerhead saves about 8 gallons of water per 5 minutes of showering and provides a good water pressure level. Your yearly savings could reach up to $246, paying for itself six times over!
  2. Window Wraps
    Plastic wrap for your windows may not seem like the most attractive look, but the savings sure do look good. A single $15 kit covers 5 windows and can save about $100 over the course of a winter. These kits are best for older windows but won’t help much if the window frame is of poor quality.
  3. Window Replacement
    Replacing old windows isn’t cheap, but it will definitely reduce the energy costs associated with heating and cooling your home. Replacing 8 windows can cost up to $3550, but you’ll save up to $465 each year in energy costs. It could take up to 10 years before the windows cover their cost, but in the meantime, your home will be more comfortable.
  4. Thermostats
    Programmable thermostats are excellent ways to reduce energy use. You can set the times you want it to run your HVAC system and when to turn it off. Leave it off overnight and while at work, but let it warm or cool your home from the time you get home from work and when you get up in the morning. Learning thermostats will program themselves according to your schedule and some can be controlled by Wi-Fi apps on your phone or tablet. A Nest Learning Thermostat can pay for itself within 5 years, depending on how much energy you save.
  5. Insulation
    Insulation is important to maintain home comfort and prevent climate controlled air from escaping. One of the places it escapes from most is the attic. Insulating the attic will keep your home more comfortable, and it costs between $110 and $167 to insulate 300 square feet. The amount of time it takes to cover the cost in savings varies quite a bit, though.
  6. Fans
    Sitting under a ceiling fan in the warmer months will allow you to set your thermostat a few degrees higher. The fan uses the wind chill effect to make you feel cooler than you actually are. In the winter, reverse the fan’s spin direction and run it at a low speed to help circulate the warm air that gathers up at the ceiling.
  7. Refrigerators
    Refrigerators are another expensive item to replace, but they could net you some pretty cool savings. If the fridge you replace is more than 25 years old, you’ll save about $150 per year in energy. The amount of time it takes to recover the cost varies based on how old your current fridge is and how expensive your new one is.

What Air Conditioner is Best for You ?


Summer is in full swing, and if you don’t already have an air conditioner, you’re sure to be feeling the heat. When it comes to picking an air conditioner, you have the power to choose from several different styles and powers. But don’t settle on the thought that bigger is better with the belief that larger units will cool your home faster. The reality of it is that the size doesn’t matter. Air conditioners will cool at the same rate, but undersized units will not be able to fulfill your cooling needs, continually running but never reaching your preferred temperature, and oversized units will consume a lot more energy than is necessary to reach that temperature.

So how do you pick the perfect air conditioner? You need to look at the style of AC you want and what its capabilities are. All air conditioners lower the ambient air temperature, reduce the moisture in the area, and filter the air. AC units come in different styles: central, mini split, window, and standalone. Central air is installed throughout your house, with a condenser and compressor located outside and an evaporator and fan inside your home. These systems are expensive to install if you don’t already have ductwork, but they will cool an entire home. Other units won’t cool more than a single room, but they are less expensive.

Mini split units have a unit mounted on a wall inside your home. They are a cheaper alternative to central air if you don’t have ductwork. However, they are suited to a single, large room generally.  Window and standalone units are self contained units, with the evaporator, fan, condenser, and compressor all inside the box. These units are best for just a single room.

Specifically looking at the units that are good for cooling a single room, you need to know what the size of your room is to determine how powerful a unit you need. Window units are easy to install, but they block the window they are installed into, so you’ll lose any view you had by installing one. However, they are relatively cheap and removable for when temperatures cool down again. Window air conditioners are great for rooms that are 150 square feet to 1,560 square feet in size. Depending on the room size, you will need a certain amount of British Thermal Units (BTUs) of power for the unit. A 150 sq ft room needs an air conditioner that has 5000 BTUs. At 450 sq ft, you need 10,000 BTUs. The largest room at 1,560 sq ft needs 24,500 BTUs. If you live in a well shaded location, drop your BTU need by 10%. Likewise, if the room you are cooling is exposed to a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day, add 10% to the BTU total. If you are cooling a kitchen, add a flat 4000 BTUs. For rooms with multiple occupants, such as a dorm or bedroom, add 600 BTUs per person.

Standalone AC units are very portable and can roll around on wheels, but they are less efficient than window units. For a 200 sq ft room, you need a unit with 8000 BTUs, and on the higher end of the scale, a 600 sq ft room needs a 14,000 BTU unit. Their main advantage is that they are very portable and the attached hose can be placed in a window for venting. They can also be easily put away as they are not quite as unwieldy as their window counterparts. They are ideal for small rooms or to boost the cooling abilities of a central air system.

Mini split and wall mounted units are about as efficient as a window unit and have similar needs as far as room size and BTUs. However, these units are permanent and cannot be removed from where they are installed. Some models have a heating function in addition to cooling, which can be useful for the winter. They tend to be the most expensive option, especially if you already have ductwork for a central air system. They also have to be installed on an exterior wall to ensure proper ventilation.

All AC units now are required to have an EER, or Energy Efficiency Rating. The EER is derived by dividing the BTUs by the AC’s wattage. The rating should lie between 8 and 11.5, with a larger number meaning better efficiency. To calculate the proper size AC you need, measure the length and width of the room you will be installing a unit in and consult the BTU calculator chart for windowed or standalone units to determine how many BTUs you need. Remember that sunny rooms need 10% more BTUs and shady rooms need 10% less.

Purchasing a higher efficiency AC will be more expensive, but by combining its efficiency with cheap electricity, you can really save a lot of money over the AC’s life, likely covering the cost of the unit. If you would like more information on switching energy providers and saving money on your energy needs, contact Shop Houston Electricity today

Pool Safety 101

Cheap-ElectricitySummertime means pool time. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a dip in the pool or a day at a waterpark. But all that refreshingly cool water doesn’t mean anything if you end up slipping on a wet spot and hurt yourself. There are several ways to keep yourself and your family safe while they gather around the pool this summer. First and foremost is to not let children out of your sight. Do not let them run around a pool, as the water can make surfaces slippery which can lead to a child breaking a bone or falling into the water.

Between 2005 and 2008, an average of 35 deaths occurred per year involving children 4 or younger. Children may not always be aware of the dangers associated with pools and may try to enter them unsupervised. To counteract this, make sure in ground pools are surrounded by a fence at least 4 feet high with gates that open away from the pool and self latch when closed. If possible, have these gates alarmed to alert you if someone has opened them. Above ground pools should have the ladder removed and should be covered. Jacuzzis and hot tubs should be closed and locked.

Any children in the pool should be supervised at all times, preferably by adults who know CPR. At the very least, have a cell phone immediately available in case of an emergency. Looking away even for “just a second” is always when disaster can strike. Make sure children who are inexperienced swimmers have life jackets on while in the pool. Keep the drains of a pool covered with a safety grate to keep kids from being pulled into the drain from the suction.

The buddy system is a common practice for lakes and ocean swimming, but it can also be helpful around the pool at home. Have two children be buddies and if you or another adult see one child without the other, check the pool first before searching elsewhere. Make sure everyone involved in supervising children in a pool, ocean, lake, or other deep water knows how to swim. Finally, ensure pool chemicals are properly stored in an inaccessible, locked cabinet. Do not allow children to help with adding chlorine or other chemical treatments to the water. Chlorine is highly acidic, and in 2012, almost 5000 people were treated for chemical burns related to pools.

Wind Power in Texas – Cheap Electricity

Cheap-ElectricityWith its wide open areas and relatively constant and predictable wind, Texas is a world leader in wind energy production. On March 26, 2014, the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas declared that Texas broke a wind energy production record at 8:48 pm. The wind turbines in the state generated 10,296 megawatts (MW) of electricity at that time, which was equal to about 29% of the 36,000 MW of total electricity produced at that time. The 10,296 MW of electricity produced at that time was also the most electricity produced by any United States wind power system to date, according to the American Wind Energy Association.


Turbines along the Gulf Coast supplied 1,433 MW, or about 14% of the total amount of wind energy produced while turbines mostly located in West Texas provided the other 86%. West Texas is a major contender on the wind scene, especially since it is home to numerous Competitive Renewable Energy Zones that generate wind and directly integrate it into local grids. As of April 2014, there is about 11,000 MW of wind energy generators online and another 8,000 MW worth of generators scheduled to come online over the following months. From 2012 to 2013, wind power in Texas grew from 0.7% of the total grid’s energy to 9.9% of the grid’s total energy throughout the state.


Wind is an excellent source of cheap electricity and ERCOT is looking to expand it as much as possible. As the nation’s leader of wind energy production, Texas is paving the way for how to develop and harness this powerful resource. Several regions of the country are following Texas’ example and continuing to develop wind power. Some of them are not far behind, either. The Midwest Independent System Operator which covers from North and South Dakota to Michigan and Indiana had a record wind output of 10,012 MW in 2012. Xcel Energy of Colorado met 60% of the grid demand at 1:00 am on May 24, 2013.


If the current rate of expansion keeps up, we are sure to see more wind energy records in the years to come as well as a widespread infrastructure to support wind generated electricity. You can help contribute to the public demand for wind energy by harnessing your power to choose an energy provider and plan that offers renewable energy. Every voice that demands clean, renewable energy is another step toward a sustainable energy plan for the nation.

Knowing your Options when it comes to Light Bulbs



There are several options to consider when lighting your home. Incandescent bulbs are on their way out, with the federal ban on them beginning in 2007 and the full phase out scheduled for this year. There are also compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) which have a distinct curly or multi tubed shapes. There are also light emitting diode (LED) bulbs that use several small diodes to light the whole bulb. Both CFLs and LEDs are more efficient than incandescents, so they use about 80-85% less electricity. That energy savings adds up to a lot of cash, too, considering that lighting can account for up to 25% of your electricity bill.

The incandescent light bulbs we know today were a culmination of several inventors. The first was invented in 1802 by Humphry Davy using a platinum filament. Incandescence is heating a wire filament to the point where it glows. Many early incandescent bulbs contained carbonized bamboo filaments. Several other patents were issued and Thomas Edison help streamline the commercialization of the light bulbs in the late 1800s. However, it was the Hungarian and Croatian team of Sandor Just and Franjo Hanaman that invented the tungsten filament incandescent bulb in 1904 that we use today. The downside to incandescent lights is that 90% the energy consumed is given off as heat. The remaining 10% of energy is the light that we see. These bulbs are terribly inefficient, requiring a lot of energy for very little light. These bulbs also only last about 1200 hours, or about 2 years worth of use at a rate of 3 hours per day.

Compact fluorescent lamps use between 75-80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs to give off the same amount of light. Instead of heating a wire filament, a CFL bulb is filled with argon gas and a small amount of mercury vapor. They can last about 10,000 hours or 9 years based on 3 hours of use per day. With the energy they save, they pay for themselves in about 9 months, but some people are leery of their use because of their mercury content. They only contain about 4 milligrams of mercury. For comparison, a mercury based household thermometer contains about 500 milligrams of mercury. Some bulbs contain as little as 1 milligram of mercury per bulb. CFLs also can take some time to reach full brightness, and they are not good with constant cycling (turning on and off).

Light emitting diodes are made from semiconductors that are attached to electric leads, and when the juice starts flowing, the diode emits a brilliant light. LEDs are 80-90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs, and can last up to 100,000 hours. Their lifespan is about 25 years with 3 hours of use per day. These bulbs, with their long lifespan, low cost to use, and low energy consumption, they are the ideal source of light for our homes. The biggest downside to LEDs is the cost per bulb is relatively high.

Besides switching to energy efficient bulbs, you can lower your monthly bills by switching to a Houston electricity company that offers cheap electricity. You have the power to choose your energy provider. Shop Houston Electricity can help you sort through plans by provider, price, and options like renewable energy. The cheapest electric rates are at your fingertips!