3 Simple Ways to Switch Electricity Companies

Summer is here, which means electricity usage skyrockets through the roof. If you find yourself overpaying for electricity during summer, do not worry because there are things you can do to lower than electric bill.

3 Simple Ways to Switch Electricity Companies

Step One:

Determine how much you are paying for electricity service? How much is too much? By using our comparison tool on ShopHoustonElectricity.com by entering in your zip code you can determine how much you currently pay, to what companies are currently offering.

Step Two:

How long do you need electricity service for? Whether you need electricity service for two years or two months, there are plenty of plan options to choose from. From plans with a contract, to plans without a contract; be sure to figure out how long you will need your service for.

Step Three:

Choose a plan and make the switch. Make sure you are not currently in a contract with your currently electricity provider. Check your bill to see when your contract expires if you are in one, or you can call your current provider.

Some things to keep in mind before your switch:

  • Remember to make sure you are up to date all on payments with your current electricity provider before switch.
  • There is no disconnection in your service when you switch electricity providers.
  • Your quality of electricity service is the same, regardless of which electricity company you choose.

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