Prepare your Home for the Cooler Weather

Temperatures are steadily dropping all over the state, which means you’ll be using your AC less often. That can be a very good thing, since climate control in your home equates to about 50% of your energy bill. On the downside, once we get into November and December, we will enter the heating season where we’ll have to start kicking on the furnaces to stay warm. There are a few ways you can prepare your home now so it will be warm and energy efficient later.

 Prepare your Home for the Cooler Weather               Perform a home inspection for yourself, looking for areas where air can escape outside. Doors that lead directly outside or even to a garage may have gaps where air can escape. You can close these gaps by Weatherstripping. Weatherstripping uses a material like rubber to help seal the frame of doors and windows. For gaps that formed from a crack in the frame, caulking can be used to seal it. Where possible, inspect the ductwork for your furnace as well. Make sure all segments are securely fixed together and don’t have any leaks. You don’t want to turn the heat on in your home only to warm up the attic. If you have a window air conditioner, take it out and shut the window. Though they can be a hassle to move,they are also a major air leak during the winter.

            Have your furnace inspected and maintained by a certified technician. Just like maintenance on a car, giving your furnace a tune up will keep it running effectively. Make sure there is no furniture blocking the vents and clean or replace any filters in the system. A dirty filter reduces airflow and keeps you from getting the warm air quickly. Filters should be checked every month and cleaned or replaced when they are dirty or every three months.

            Installing a programmable thermostat can net you a big savings on your energy bill. They allow you to set the temperatures you want over the course of the day. This means the furnace can be off while you are at work, warm up just before you get home, turn off while you’re asleep, then turn on when you wake up, and repeat the cycle without you needing to do anything. Once the thermostat is set for the times you want, you just leave it in heat mode and let it do its thing.

            By using these tips, and getting cheap electricity by exercising your power to choose, you can lower your monthly electricity bills and keep your home feeling comfortable all winter long. Don’t be left out in the cold, contact Shop Houston Electricity today to start comparing energy companies and find one that will net you the biggest savings!