Fall into Saving Energy

We’ve all heard the phrase “Spring Forward; Fall Back” regarding Daylight Saving Time, but what if you could make the prices on your energy bill “fall back?” This fall, you can do exactly that and make your energy bills fall back into lower rates, allowing you to stay comfortable in these cooler months while saving yourself some electricity and money.

Fall into Saving Energy          Let’s start with temperature control in the home. In this transitional season, you may find that you don’t need to run the heat or the AC at all. If that’s the case, then just leave it off, as that will save you some extra money. To help prepare for the coming colder months, you could consider installing a programmable thermostat to regulate your heat flow in the winter. Programmable thermostats automatically turn your heat or AC on and off at set times during the day. You can program one to remain off while you are at work or asleep, but keep your home comfortable while awake and at home. Cutting back your at-home temperature to a lower setting for the winter month will also conserve energy.

Checking your home for air leaks is especially important. It doesn’t matter if your heat is only on while you’re at home if you can’t enjoy it. Gaps in ductwork lose air before it’s even in the room you want to warm up while gaps in window or door frames lose air before a room can be brought up to a comfortable temperature. Weatherstripping your home using caulk or rubberized inserts will prevent this air from escaping and reduce the amount of time your heater needs to run.

Speaking of windows, there are special window films that you can apply that actually reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the actual panes. The best part? With recent advancements, these films remain perfectly clear and don’t tint the view outside! You will still retain the same amount of natural light, but you’ll be able to keep the heat inside.

Water heaters are constantly running to make sure you have hot water at a moment’s notice. Most factories set the default temperature on these heaters to 140°F, but you can lower that to 120°F and still get hot water on demand. Furthermore, insulating hot water pipes will help them retain heat on their way to the sink or shower, and this will save you from wasting water waiting for it to warm up.

Finally, you can really fall into savings by switching to a Houston electric company that offers cheap electricity. Energy rates trend downward around this time of year, so it’s a good time to lock in a low fixed rate plan. Shop Houston Electricity can help you sort through dozens of different companies and plans to find one that fits your budget.