Cheap electricity now available

It is not easy to run a house or a business. The utility bills are really expensive these days and to maintain a decent standard of living one needs to spend on certain things.  It cannot be ignored, this is why one should try and save on all the bills possible especially the electricity bills.  Proper measures should be taken to save on your monthly bills.  One of the most expensive bills is the electricity bill.  Whether it is your residential or business, the electricity expenses always seems to be on a high or is always getting soar.  You might feel that there is nothing you can do, but yes there are certain options available that one needs to go through properly for them to utilize them for their own benefit.

Cheap electricity now available

The primary thing to do is, to look out for service providers who give cheap electricity.  These providers are usually tied up with different electricity providers who have varied options, plans and rates when it comes to selling electricity.  It could be used for your business and residential purpose.  There are different plans and rates for both headings.  This way you can choose from the many options and also compare the prices before zeroing down on one plan or rate.

We at Shop Houston Electricity help you with different electricity providers and their details. There are different cheap rates available for the energy source and also wonderful range of plans, offers which differ for both personal and business use. The best part is that you can compare the prices of different companies and then opt for the one that suits your pocket or budget. It is always good to be updated on a continuous basis when it comes to purchasing of such plans. This will make it easy for you to decide on the most beneficial plan for yourself.

Each season will have different need when it comes to electricity. Summers will demand air conditioners and the method to remain cooler indoors. While, winters will call for room heaters. There are amazing plans and rates with us that you can choose from for different seasons. One need not worry about high electricity bills if you are shopping cheap electricity from Shop Houston electricity. Get the best rates and services possible, no need to fret about soaring electricity prices or bills. One can lead a relaxed life by buying cheap electricity.

Get the cheapest and best electricity from us. This energy cannot be neglected as it has become mandatory for us to use electricity, if we want to progress in today’s world. For both business and residential convenience electricity is required and now it is available at a reasonable, affordable and cheap price by genuine and reputed electricity companies.  So, make the most of it by using the services and offers given by these service providers and leading an affordable life by paying manageable electricity bills in both business and personal use.

Prepare your Home for the Cooler Weather

Temperatures are steadily dropping all over the state, which means you’ll be using your AC less often. That can be a very good thing, since climate control in your home equates to about 50% of your energy bill. On the downside, once we get into November and December, we will enter the heating season where we’ll have to start kicking on the furnaces to stay warm. There are a few ways you can prepare your home now so it will be warm and energy efficient later.

 Prepare your Home for the Cooler Weather               Perform a home inspection for yourself, looking for areas where air can escape outside. Doors that lead directly outside or even to a garage may have gaps where air can escape. You can close these gaps by Weatherstripping. Weatherstripping uses a material like rubber to help seal the frame of doors and windows. For gaps that formed from a crack in the frame, caulking can be used to seal it. Where possible, inspect the ductwork for your furnace as well. Make sure all segments are securely fixed together and don’t have any leaks. You don’t want to turn the heat on in your home only to warm up the attic. If you have a window air conditioner, take it out and shut the window. Though they can be a hassle to move,they are also a major air leak during the winter.

            Have your furnace inspected and maintained by a certified technician. Just like maintenance on a car, giving your furnace a tune up will keep it running effectively. Make sure there is no furniture blocking the vents and clean or replace any filters in the system. A dirty filter reduces airflow and keeps you from getting the warm air quickly. Filters should be checked every month and cleaned or replaced when they are dirty or every three months.

            Installing a programmable thermostat can net you a big savings on your energy bill. They allow you to set the temperatures you want over the course of the day. This means the furnace can be off while you are at work, warm up just before you get home, turn off while you’re asleep, then turn on when you wake up, and repeat the cycle without you needing to do anything. Once the thermostat is set for the times you want, you just leave it in heat mode and let it do its thing.

            By using these tips, and getting cheap electricity by exercising your power to choose, you can lower your monthly electricity bills and keep your home feeling comfortable all winter long. Don’t be left out in the cold, contact Shop Houston Electricity today to start comparing energy companies and find one that will net you the biggest savings!

Fall into Saving Energy

We’ve all heard the phrase “Spring Forward; Fall Back” regarding Daylight Saving Time, but what if you could make the prices on your energy bill “fall back?” This fall, you can do exactly that and make your energy bills fall back into lower rates, allowing you to stay comfortable in these cooler months while saving yourself some electricity and money.

Fall into Saving Energy          Let’s start with temperature control in the home. In this transitional season, you may find that you don’t need to run the heat or the AC at all. If that’s the case, then just leave it off, as that will save you some extra money. To help prepare for the coming colder months, you could consider installing a programmable thermostat to regulate your heat flow in the winter. Programmable thermostats automatically turn your heat or AC on and off at set times during the day. You can program one to remain off while you are at work or asleep, but keep your home comfortable while awake and at home. Cutting back your at-home temperature to a lower setting for the winter month will also conserve energy.

Checking your home for air leaks is especially important. It doesn’t matter if your heat is only on while you’re at home if you can’t enjoy it. Gaps in ductwork lose air before it’s even in the room you want to warm up while gaps in window or door frames lose air before a room can be brought up to a comfortable temperature. Weatherstripping your home using caulk or rubberized inserts will prevent this air from escaping and reduce the amount of time your heater needs to run.

Speaking of windows, there are special window films that you can apply that actually reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the actual panes. The best part? With recent advancements, these films remain perfectly clear and don’t tint the view outside! You will still retain the same amount of natural light, but you’ll be able to keep the heat inside.

Water heaters are constantly running to make sure you have hot water at a moment’s notice. Most factories set the default temperature on these heaters to 140°F, but you can lower that to 120°F and still get hot water on demand. Furthermore, insulating hot water pipes will help them retain heat on their way to the sink or shower, and this will save you from wasting water waiting for it to warm up.

Finally, you can really fall into savings by switching to a Houston electric company that offers cheap electricity. Energy rates trend downward around this time of year, so it’s a good time to lock in a low fixed rate plan. Shop Houston Electricity can help you sort through dozens of different companies and plans to find one that fits your budget.

Texas is Revolutionizing Solar Energy

The capital city of Texas, Austin, has passed a resolution that could very well bolster solar energy production, making the state a leader in solar energy. The policy mandates that Austin Electricity, the city’s municipal utility, must acquire 60% of its electricity from renewable resources over the next 10 years. Furthermore, the utility must be carbon-free by 2030. The utility also needs to increase their installed solar energy capacity by 600 megawatts by 2017, including support for 200 megawatts worth of solar panels on rooftops. Couple with the state’s already large scale wind energy production, Texas could truly revolutionize the solar energy generation of the country.

Texas is Revolutionizing Solar Energy

These measures go beyond environmental protection. Ultimately, the decision to increase renewable energy capacity is a matter of economics. Earlier this year, Austin Energy signed a PPA (power purchase agreement) with solar energy developer Recurrent Energy for a reasonably low price. At 5 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh), this rate is one of the lowest available rates for solar energy. By cutting the cost of renewables, more renewables can be used, increasing demand and production, ultimately driving down the cost of renewables across the board.

Using solar energy to stave off the peak demand on coal and natural gas, Texas can save money overall. By balancing the load with renewables, the demand for non-renewables will decrease, reducing the peak demand operating costs. As a result, Decker Power Plant, a natural gas powered generation facility was closed. This facility was used solely for providing energy during peak demand. While it may seem counter productive to close a facility and surrender jobs, the renewable energy market will open up more, thus creating more jobs.

Furthermore, the increase of demand for solar energy production has actually dropped the prices on consumer grade solar panels. This opens the market more for homeowners who wish to purchase solar modules. This in turn creates more manufacturing jobs to keep up with the demand for solar power. Estimates indicate that 2014 will see a 50% increase in solar array manufacturing from 2013.

Much of Texas’ renewable electricity comes from wind, with an estimated 12,755 megawatts of installed capacity, the largest in the country. Solar has not flourished as well because support for it has been lacking. Hopefully, the new policies from the Austin city council will spur demand for solar energy. Previously, federal incentives were the only incentives available and there was only a capacity goal, rather than a percentage goal, like there is now. However, despite this, Texas has already passed its 2025 goal of 10,000 megawatts of renewable capacity over 10 years ahead of schedule.

Learn about the Terms of Service of a electricity plan

A Terms of Service (TOS) of document of an electricity plan is super important in addition to the Electricity Facts Label (EFL). The Terms of Service document contains details about what happens if you terminate an agreement, what happens when an Agreement ends, etc. Though most Terms of Service documents are lengthy, we’ve covered a summary of what customers should know in a Terms of Service document:


Your Right to Cancel: By law, a customers have three (3) business days to cancel their electricity plan with the retail electricity provider. Customers can call the REP customer service phone number and do so.


Waive Deposit: Customers who are 65 years and over, or customers who are victims of domestic family violence may be entitled to have their deposit waived. Customers who are eligible should contact the retail electric provider.


Renewal: If a customer signed up for a 12 month term, at the end of the contract the Retail Electric Provider has thirty (30) days to alert the customer that their agreement is coming up for renewal. Once a contract has expired, the Retail Electricity Provider will automatically put the customer on a variable month-to-month plan.

Early Termination: The customer will be assessed an early termination fee and an early termination fee is applicable. This early termination fee does not apply to customers who are moving to a new address and can show proof to the REP that you are moving.

Pricing: The industry standard is that customers will receiving a monthly bill from the REP. Non-recurring fees may apply are may be fees such as late fees (for late payments), or meter tampering charges (if applicable). If a customer fails to pay their electricity bill and has a disconnection in service, then a Service Connection and Disconnect fee will apply.

Auto-Pay Fees: A customer who signs up for auto-pay and has insufficient funds might be assessed a fee, or a late fee for late auto-payments.

Bill Payment/Assistance: Some electricity providers has bill assistant programs for customers who have financial hardships and are unable to pay their bills temporarily. The customer can contact the REP for more information. Low Income customers can also apply to be eligible for the Lite-Up Texas program on the Public Utility Commission of Texas website for discounts on their bill during summer.

Electricity shopping can be easier when customers are knowledgeable about their electricity plans. Learn more about the electricity shopping process on our website for more details.